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Dirge for a Deck Shoe

March 18, 2010

This  treatise is a shorty – pretty much a follow up to my previous. You remember – the idea of the ‘almost’ shoe, that maybe in an alternate universe could be – but totally isn’t? Let’s launch right in.

Good. Sperry topsider.

Voila. Has a calming effect doesn’t it? Like the converse  – I also own this shoe (you’ll notice a theme). I owned it when I was a kid, wore it with boondoggle anklets and was consequently adorable. Now, living in the hipster habitat of Queen West (Hipsterville, ON pop. oh please I have no ideeeeeeaaaaaa) the Sperry topsider gets you your taste of prep without looking like a cast-off from Gossip Girl. I’ve even tied the leather laces into those barrels – c’est ca. I’m still adorable. Moving along.

Bad. Hoping for lost at sea.

And this shoe below?

This is also a Sperry – which teaches us another lesson! Do not put your faith in any brand. You walk blithely into the Sperry store – thinking sure – Sperry. You walk out  with a blight upon your soul. Or sole. I couldn’t help it.  This shoe is the addled backwoods cousin, with suspicious predilections and propensity for blood feuds. You seen Next of Kin? Similar. Carnage on city streets. Leave this shoe alone.

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